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Importance of Life Long Bariatric Follow up
Grand Health Partners believes that it is extremely important for post op bariatric patients to have life-long follow-up care with their bariatric surgeon’s practice. This visit doesn’t include just weighing you and taking your blood pressure, but following your lab work to track vitamin deficincies, reviewing your body fat metabolism, discussing importance of protein and fluid intake, problem-solving any issues that you may be experiencing. Plus, the added benefit of consultation with the dietitian, exercise physiologist, and behaviorist. Some other programs that your bariatric practice can offer you is Surgical Support Groups, Mentoring Programs, Education of new procedures, products, and vitamins, advocacy for the bariatric population, and Back-On-Track Programs.

We realize that getting here is not easy. Many of you travel great distances, gas money, time off work, and possibly you have moved out-of-state. But your health is of utter importance. If you can’t come in to see us, please let us know. We would rather you have lab work performed at your primary care physician’s (PCP) office than none at all. Your PCP can communicate any issues to us and we can help guide them as well.

It is not only our committment to our patients, but our desire to see you succeed with a healthy lifestyle. Please call us to schedule your follow-up appointment. We want to see you!

Importance of Surgical Support Groups
Have you ever thought about attending a surgical support group? Many of you probably already have or have thought about it several times. We feel at GHP that life long support is extremely important in the success of your bariatric surgery. We encourage you to attend or inquire about any of our support groups. They are always free of charge and anyone is welcome if your a patient, family member, friend, or just interested in bariatric surgery. To see a list of dates, times and topics by clicking on Tools for You or Event Calendar under the Existing Patients tab.

Has your weight-loss reached a plateau?
Are you a surgical patient who needs help getting back on track? Has your weight loss reached a plateau? There is no need for concern, because our team of professionals at Grand Health Partners is willing to personalize a program to help you get back on track. Visits could include PA, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist or behaviorist based on your needs. Call us at 616-956-6100. You will be scheduled with a PA or Bariatrician for an annual follow up apptointment and your needs will be determined. 


Share your story
If you have not already shared your story on our website, please consider doing it. GHP and future/existing patients would love to hear about your journey through weight loss. As you share your testimony, please begin by telling us “Now I can ______ “ filling the blank with something you can do now that you could not before your weight loss surgery. In addition to your inspiring anecdotes, we would like to have you include the following information:

• What procedure you had
• How far out from surgery you are
• Your weight loss total or BMI change

Share your story here.

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