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Wesley Miller

When I was diagnosed with aggressive prostrate cancer in Feb. of 2013 it was a somewhat devastating blow. However, after several consults and finding my weight of 460 lbs was a major obstacle it was even more depressing. Surgery was not a recommended option; first because it would be quite invasive and also the rate of success in getting it all was low. Radiation treatments were unavailable due to weight in that the max rated weight for the machines was only 350 lbs. This required a decision for me of what to due. My best option was to lose enough weight to do the radiation. After consulting with my Dr. and overcoming a couple logistic options I came to Grand Health Partners. I know when I told my radiation oncologist that I was going to get of the weight needed for the treatments the look was not encouraging and I knew he did not believe in my success. I started on the VLCD Medical weight loss program in Aug. of that year. It was very challenging at first and I also made use of a psychologist in addition to the classes and other support. By Nov. Of that year with diligence to changing my eating habits and starting to conquer the sabotaging thoughts that would have caused me to fail I was down to a weight of 345 lbs. I then took a short vacation from the middle over Nov. to the second week of Jan. 2014 to Dayton OH. where I spent time with my only remaining immediate family. During that time, (now back on regular food mixed with some product) I was still able to lose more weight. I was so successful that when I visited my primary care physician in Feb. I was down to 287 lbs. When the nurse entered my present weight in to their computer records the mashine actually returned with a response asking if the entry was correct. Since then I have plateaued but constantly am diligent to maintain and am continuing to apply the principles I have learned to bring my weight down even further. I have started exercising somewhat regularly even though I have never been a avid supporter of exercise. I continue to attend classes and support groups to help with ACCOUNTABILITY. I cannot underestimate the team of family and friends that have encouraged me along the way. I would exuberantly recommend GHP to anyone who requires help to lose weight and keep it off, regardless of the amount. Please, utilize all the resources that Grand Health has to offer. It will definitely change your life if you let it!



Tracie Lang

I couldn't believe how SIMPLE this program was!! I have tried for years and after medical set backs that pushed me to 236 pounds I had all but given up...then came a friend who was a GHP patient and introduced me to this great program!! 1) The food is DELICIOUS I honestly cant keep my sons and boyfriend out of "my food"! They literally put requests on the shopping list for their favorite GHP items!! 2) The staff is outstanding and so very helpful. They've been there and they totally understand. 3) This has been by far the best and easiest plan I have ever followed! Register for the seminar I promise you won't regret it and YOU CAN achieve your goals!



Elizabeth Ginebaugh

I have been fighting my weight for many years, and on the perpetual roller coaster of repeated efforts on weight loss programs that didn't work for me. When I hit a weight that I never saw in my life, and could no longer do basic things in my life that required physical effort, I knew it was time to get serious. At my yearly checkup, I asked my doctor for a referral to a medical weight loss, so I could try to figure out what the right combinations of food would be right for my body. He referred me to Grand Health Partners and explained that I would have multiple options there. So I went to an informational seminar, and decided that the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) would be the way I would go. I learned the nutrition, chemistry, math, and exercise pieces of weight loss and maintenence that I never learned before from other programs. This was the piece I was missing. The program was very easy to stick with, and after 9 months, I dropped 75 pounds and reached my goal. I continued to lose another 5 after that, to make a total loss of 80 lbs. I am back to doing all my activities plus more without exhaustion or lack of energy. I am still attending meetings and weigh in so I can continue to learn how to maintain this new lifestyle and stay on track for a healthier me. The best compliment I have received so far, is from my doctor of 38 years...he saw me at my yearly checkup, and apologized because he didn't even recognize me. :) He is very happy with my journey and so am i.




I am 25 years old and have struggled with my weight for a very long time. Ever since I was 9 years old I always seemed to be bigger than everyone else my age. I thought sports would help. I did a lot of swimming and played soccer throughout high school. Once that stopped and I went to college, I reached the heaviest weight I have ever been. My family care doctor was not much help. He said "Diet and Exercise" was my best bet, this made me feel like I was alone. I have felt hopeless in my attempts to lose weight, It felt like I was killing myself to even drop a pound. I heard a lot about weight watchers and the other programs in our area but I was very skeptical. I felt that if I went/tried/ failed I would never want to try again. My initial goal when walking into Grand Health Partners was to see if I was a candidate for the gastric sleeve. It was my birthday present to myself to at least give it a try. I didn't meet the requirements for the gastric sleeve and if I wanted it, I would have to pay out of pocket. The PA advised me that I would be a very good candidate for the Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD. My initial reaction was, "ARE YOU NUTS!? How am I supposed to only eat 800 Calories a day?" However, I was intrigued with the weekly nurse visits and the frequent doctor appointments and most importantly the every other week blood work. After sitting down with Tracy the program coordinator, I felt good about the support I would receive during the 12/16 week program with the Exercise, Nutrition and Behavior topic classes. I felt that it almost sounded way too good to be true. So I went with it, remember it was my birthday present to myself to at least give something a try. A total of 38 lbs in only 16 weeks! Please don't wait for a reason like I did, take action right now and you can be the new you tomorrow.

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