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Kristen VanDusen

Date of Operation May, 2013

As a wife and mom of three young kids, I knew this was a decision that could not be made in a split second because it would affect my whole family. After doing the 6 months of physician directed weight loss, I felt as if the VSG was the best option for me. As of May of 2013, my life has been forever changed. As the pounds came off, my self confidence became stronger. I now have motivation to exercise daily! I have been so happy with all the transformations I have gone through...not only on the scale, but in my head, too. I am proud that my kids can see a healthy mom who is excited to start everyday with my running shoes on. This has changed my family for the better. What a blessing!




Date of Operation: July 26. 2011

Now I can . . , run 5K and 10K races again the way I did in my 205!! I can also wear all the fun clothes | want. Bestof all. though. | no longer have Type II Diabetes. I had RNY surgery in July 2011. One year later my BMI is 22.8. in the ‘normal’ range. and Im down to 116 lbs.. the weight l want to maintain. Grand Health Partners has been a tremendous support in this journey, offering the best in nutritionaL exercise, and behavioral support. I consider my weight-loss su rgery the most important step in turning around my physicaland emotional health.



Joyce Bowen

In August of 2015 I had the vertical gastrectomy performed by Dr. Baker. I was apprehensive about it, but I only saw my health getting worse if I didn’t proceed. I thought that I could at least go through the 6 month requirements. It didn’t mean I had to have the surgery. I now I realize it was the best decision I ever made. I had been overweight my whole life. I never imagined that I would ever be a size 2! That is the size of jeans I wear now, and I went from 265 to 139. The procedure is a tool that can assist you in your weight loss. Changing your lifestyle is another key to success. I now incorporate moving activities into my life, not food. Everything used to be about that place’s pie, or this places pizza. Now its how many steps can I get in today while I’m shopping, or let’s put up volleyball net at the family picnic. I still use MY Fitness Pal app. I think food tracking is one of the biggest keys to success. I wish I would have had the surgery years ago, and I have no regrets.

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