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Roderic Collins

NOW I CAN have my husband to share my life.  NOW OUR KIDS can have their father to watch them grow up. NOW WE CAN grow old together.

I am writing this from a different perspective.  My husband had gastric bypass surgery 6 months ago.  His weight at surgery was 415 with many comorbities, his highest weight was 468, his liver and kidneys were shutting down, he is currently at 228.  He has his life back and I have my husband back.  He no longer has high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or countless other health problems, his liver and kidneys are coming back and he has a chance to live out his life.  He has gone from 8 meds to 3 and I am sure soon will be off some if not all of the 3 remaining meds.

I have noticed so many positive changes in him, he is so much more outgoing, enjoying his old passion of golf, riding a bike, being active with the kids, being more romantic, just generally HAPPIER.

Ric had the Duodenal Switch procedure in October of 2009 with Dr. Kemmeter and he and his staff were amazing.  My husband has never felt better.

Thank you for giving me my husband back.    I was so encouraged and proud of him and his progress that I had gastric bypass surgery as well with Dr. Kemmeter in December, I am doing great too and will post my story soon.

Amy Collins, proud and happy wife



Carole John

NOW I Can!  I am 63 years young and now I feel even younger.  The energy I have is just unbeliveable.  You don't have to be young to do this, you just need a "want something better out of your life" attitude.
  Dr. Foote preformed my operation and I'm so greatfull, it is hard to express how I feel.
I started my weight loss at 293 and as of 05/16/2010 I have lost 123 pounds!  By this fall I will be at my goal weight of 140 to 150 pounds.

I dropped weight so fast I couldn't keep up with my clothes, so I quit buying them at department stores  and started to get everything from Goodwill to keep down the spending.  I found you can get a lot of "almost new" clothing for close to nothing.  This summer my husband and I plan to hit a lot of yard sales. This is something we can do together and something that we both enjoy.  If you have been thinking about doing this don't stop with just the thought... do it! You'll never be sorry!



Beth Cooper (Hiemstra)

Now I can do...EVERYTHING! It has been 1.5 years since my Roux-en-y surgery and i have lost 190 lbs-more than 1/2 my weight! The changes in my life are phenomenal! I was injecting insulin 3x per day and 10 months after surgery...insulin free! I could not stand or walk around for more than 30 minutes without excruciating back and leg pain...and now I can walk and stand indefinitely PAIN FREE! this amazing journey has transformed me into a new and vibrant woman experiencing life again. This gave me the confidence to finally rid myself of an alcoholic husband. My sister used to call me the "I CAN'T girl"...everything she asked me to do...places she wanted to go...I always responded "I can't do that...I can't fit in that chair...I can't stand that long...I can't walk that far" my sister looks at me and says "Who are you and what did you do with my sister?!" I am so blessed to have had this surgery without difficulties and the kindness and caring staff at Grand Health Partners. 

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