Sclerotherapy is an endoscopic technique used to help patients who have already had Gastric Bypass maintain weight loss. This procedure is used for those patients who have stalled with their weight loss or have gained weight back. It is imperative that patients with Gastric Bypass utilize the pouch as a tool for weight loss by avoiding soft, high calorie foods and calorie containing liquids. Success in weight loss after Gastric Bypass requires a change in eating habits. This technique can help re-establish proper eating behaviors. Our requirement in that you have educational sessions with the dietitian, exersice physiologist and behaviorist prior to having this procedure done.

The procedure involves using an endoscope that is inserted through the mouth and into the stomach and injecting a solution around the anastomosis, narrowing the opening at the bottom of the pouch. This helps to keep food in the pouch longer, providing a prolonged sense of fullness. Research has shown that it works best to maintain weight loss. Patients will need to limit calorie intake to lose additional weight.

The benefits of Sclerotherapy are that it is a safe, outpatient procedure, covered by most insurances, helps to re-create a sense of fullness, and can assist with additional weight loss.

As with any surgical procedure, complications can include pain, nausea, vomiting, dysphagia and infection. A more complete list of complications is discussed on the consent form.

Dr. Randal Baker is the only surgeon in Michigan that performs this procedure. He has performed over 2,000 procedures since 2003.  Get started now and call our office to make an appt with Dr Baker to discuss sclerotherapy.

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