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Welcome to Grand Health Partners

The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain 

Article By:

Grand Health Partners Behaviorist 
Lora Grabow

Statistics show that 75% of Americans’ weight gain takes place during the holiday season. This does not come as a surprise as we know that the holidays bring many celebrations laden with scrumptious food. The average American consumes 4,500 calories from eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and that doesn’t include breakfast, lunch, or late night snacking on leftovers. People can easily identify holiday triggers as an abundance of holiday parties and the chance to eat favorite once-a-year foods. However, many are unaware of the biggest holiday eating trigger: Feelings!

Research is continuing to show that overeating at any time of the year is governed more by emotion than environmental cues. Simply stated; we eat in response to feelings. The Holiday season brings up an array of feelings for our patients. Some report sadness; secondary to missing the days of holidays past. Some report grief; longing for loved ones who are no longer with us. Some report more stress as they participate in more family functions. Some report loneliness as they face the holidays alone. All of these powerful emotions can quickly trigger us to distract and/or numb out with holiday food. However, happiness is the most common emotion governing our overeating during the holidays. Who wouldn’t “want to keep the good feeling going?” Unfortunately, we too often turn to food as well to keep our spirits merry and bright. 

This Holiday season can be different, GHP not only offers nutritional and exercise tools for the holidays but behavioral tools as well. We encourage patient to not only decide the “HOW” of surviving the holidays but to go deeper and examine the “WHY” they are eating.  

A GHP patient never walks alone. The Holidays are no different. Please take advantage of not only our regular behavioral health support but our added specialty classes as well.

Weekly Peer Support Groups
Weekly Holiday Specific Topic classes
Bi-weekly Cognitive Therapy classes
Patient Mentor Program
Holiday Survival 101

To learn more about dates and times please call 616-956-6100 or reference “Recent News and Events” 


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