Getting Healthy 900 Program

Getting Healthy 900 Program

Our most successful medical weight loss program is the Getting Healthy 900 Program. It provides a structured diet consisting of high protein, low calorie foods that are sold in our on-site GHP health food store or through our online store. Prior to starting the program, we’ll arrange appointments for you to meet with an internal medicine physician, a registered dietitian, and an exercise physiologist. The Getting Healthy 900 Program is a 24-week treatment program that is divided into three phases:

Phase One: Active Weight Loss (Weeks 1-12)

OneDuring the active-weight-loss phase, food intake is limited to 800-900 calories per day using high protein, low calorie food supplements. A variety of different food supplements can be chosen, such as oatmeal, cereal, pre-packaged meals, soups, protein bars, and hot drinks. Weekly group sessions offer behavioral intervention, nutritional education, social support, and instructions on how to increase physical activity.

This phase involves a weekly clinic visit for two hours, consisting of:

  • Registration
  • Weigh-in and blood pressure check
  • Reviewing periodic lab tests
  • Physician or clinical staff visit
  • 1 hour educational session with group members and group leader(s)


Phase Two: Back to Food (Weeks 13-24)

TwoWhen transitioning back to food, regular foods are reintroduced and the use of the food supplements is gradually reduced. Weekly educational sessions will help you continue to gain the skills and confidence needed to maintain your weight loss. Specific instructions on how to gradually reduce the use of nutrition supplements are provided. At Week 20, you will meet with a dietitian for additional support during your transition.


Phase Three: Living Healthy (Week 25 and on)

ThreeGroup support and education is provided for all clients who have completed one of our medical weight loss programs. Completion of the programs includes a one-on-one individual visit with a behaviorist, dietitian, or exercise physiologist. Free life-time membership in the Living Healthy program can be obtained by attending 12 group meetings per year.