Telehealth Security

At Grand Health Partners, we care about protecting our patient’s privacy as much as protecting their health. We are currently using Zoom to conduct Telehealth visits. Below, we have highlighted some of the steps we are taking, and steps you can take, to ensure privacy in your Zoom visits. Many of these are good practices to follow for using Zoom outside of Telehealth.

Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom

  • Zoom Telehealth is HIPAA compliant meaning it meets federal requirements for protection of personal patient information
  • All software may contain bugs and the potential for vulnerabilities; Zoom continues to invest substantial resources to eliminate these issues and add functionality
  • We routinely update our Zoom software; we suggest you use the most recent version

We use unique ID’s AND passwords for each meeting

  • If you do not use a password or if you use the same meeting ID and Password for every meeting, your account can be compromised (e.g., “Zoombombing”)
  • To join a Grand Health Partners Telehealth visit, you need a meeting ID and the meeting password; the combination of ID and password has billions of possible combinations making random access nearly impossible. We embed this in your invite so you should not have to manually enter them.

Adjust your settings

  • You can adjust your settings including “always turn off my video” and “always mute my microphone” so meeting participants cannot hear / see you before you are ready; there are many other settings you may want to modify to your preferences

Look for cues

  • When you are in a meeting, you see a picture of all participants; if you do not recognize a participant (or name if their video is not showing), confirm their identity with the provider
  • Grand Health Partners does not record private Telehealth visits; Zoom will indicate if a meeting is being recorded – if a meeting is being recorded and you do not consent to recording, be sure to notify the meeting host

Protect against phishing and hacking attacks

  • The most common forms of compromise are due to inadvertent actions by the user (e.g., publicly sharing meeting passwords)
  • We use a combination of firewalls, security software (e.g., antivirus), and staff education to prevent outside parties from gaining access to usernames and passwords and other personal information
  • We advise that patients utilize similar home protection as applicable; also, become familiar with common methods hackers use to access personal information (e.g., phishing attacks, malware from USB devices)
  • Typically, anyone who utilizes these sophisticated methods to access personal information will be seeking a financial gain and will be more likely to target bank accounts and other financial resources so we believe the risk of this is low for our patients

And as always, if you have a question, please contact us directly.

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